Sailboat [Floating]

I love finding random people and following them around, then when they me off I can destroy their lives. That’s right Joe Harrison, I bulldozed your house because your car was in the way.

Andrew’s 1×1 Swing Park

Truly great; What SimCity should have been. While in essence it’s a similar game, it is far superior for many reasons, such as the fact it’s a city building game, not a village building game. While at first you only have 1 area to build in (still far lager than SC5’s) as you get more […]

Mekarski Historical Funiculars

I built a dump in the middle of my town and everyone living nearby got sick, clogging up the surrounding areas with nothing but ambulances. EA could never make anything like this. 10/10 Great city building and management game. Much better then Simcity (2013). I wouldn’t recommend it without the two expansions, After Dark and […]

Import Export Breakdown

My sister told me about this on release day. I hadn’t heard of it, but started to quite a lot soon thereafter. I didn’t research it at all – just bought it, knowing how well liked it was and basically what type of game it was. I started playing and, lo and behold, I JUST […]

Garden Fence (Grey Alt)

Eight hours in and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. It’s very much inspired by the recent Sim City title (the UI is pretty much pulled directly from Sim City) but it makes some very important improvements. The cities are MUCH larger once your city grows and you can expand to additional squares. The […]

East Coast Housing 2×4 L1

Cities: Skylines is a great city simulation game. In this game you enjoy to take your time and not speed up the time, unlike SimCity where you always speed up. It has more land too. Also, it has much more features which makes it realistic. The modding community is great and active. One downside is […]

Jack’s Shoe Company

It’s a very deep game, but I just can’t get back to it when I know there are a wallet-breaking amount of dlcs added throughout the years even with discount sales here and there. Traffic management isn’t the funnest aspect in the game, but you are absolutely required to spend dozens of hours keeping track […]

Ground002 decal

+Good graphics+A lot of sales+Workshop+DLC’s+Huge place to build+You can design your own building in the game with such details -Bigger cities might crash your gameIt’s the number 1 city building game !9.5/10 I just tried to start the game and it installed a third party launcher without my permission. This game came out 3 Years […]