Pond Lily

MOD Desc
Pond Lily by Tianlein

I created the two ponds so you can connect them with my creeks:)
You can find some example pictures in the screenshots.

Important: Place it only on straight terrain otherwise you can get some clipping at the connection points.
Also depending on the light there are sometimes some shadows which i dont want but i dont think i can influence them.

As always keep in mind im still learning how to model so dont expect perfect assets;)
If you like my creations i would be happy if you vote them up. Thank you:)

It was a blast from the past which sets the new standard on the city building genre. I believe that it was called Cities: Skylines for a reason. The usage of plural noun, in this case ‘cities’ instead of ‘city’ really lives up its name. Literally, the available space is big enough to make multiple cities. Thus, put the title alone, this game beats its ‘singularity’-ish predecessors.

Enuff Said, 11/10!