Suzuki Jimny 1998

MOD Desc
Suzuki Jimny JB23
Triangle Polygon Count Main : 3085
Lod : 38

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i think this game would be better if there was like a online system like sim city but more advanced like our friends people in the same world can connect with us and have like an entire imagration system i think that would be awesome just keep the same size max limit of the city just give each person in that city the same size but set them a distance away and where we can visit their city i find that cool and the game is awesome by the way.

Amazing game ruined by a terrible publisher. Has a wealth of free mods (some of which are essential to the experience) that are just broken now thanks to constant DLC crap that breaks the game even if you haven’t bought it. Most of my saves are unplayable now, and I can’t fix anything because even the fix is broken.

First prison architect, now cities skylines. Can safely say I’ll never buy anything with Paradox Interactive attached.