East Coast Housing 2×4 L1

MOD Desc
Angled like the horse’s hinder hoof – the gambrel – hence, gambrel roof.

Houses like this are everywhere in Atlantic Canada – and probably lots of places in the Northeastern U.S. They’re gambrels or Dutch colonial gambrels – or, if you prefer, houses with barn roofs. Easy to pitch and easy to maintain. Examples here [www.google.ca] and here [www.google.ca] – although that second link shows a couple of cross-gambrels, technically.

Asset Stats
Main: 812 tris
LoD: 48 tris

Textures: 1024 and 128.

Low-density growable residential
2×4 footprint
Props: Just the entry point.
No DLC or asset dependencies.

This is me trying to be economical with tris. It gets the job done and I’ve learned a few things for when I have to really start making concessions at the higher level assets. Personally, I really like this style of home – not just because of the great loft-style bedrooms you get in them. They’re just homey, you know? I had planned for a 4×4, and I’m getting to it – this one just sort of happened as I was doing something else.

If it’s broken in any way, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it quickly.

Here [drive.google.com] are the source files if you want to use them to create your own asset, remix – or turn it into a sauna.


Cities: Skylines is a great city simulation game. In this game you enjoy to take your time and not speed up the time, unlike SimCity where you always speed up. It has more land too. Also, it has much more features which makes it realistic. The modding community is great and active. One downside is that there is no multiplayer in this game. The developers of the game know what they are doing and reach out into there community. I’ll make sure to buy some of the DLCs.

Realy good game, I’m impressed.
It’s has what was fun about the older SimCity games in a new way.

The only negative thing is built in auto-save is not a thing, you need a mod for that.
That means no steam achievments, unless you get a mod for that as well, wich seem like a long way around for a simple feature that could easily be patched in (probably, I’m no game developer).

But I still recomend this game!
I like it a lot actually 🙂

Goes on sale after i buy it… timing is just….

Anyway game is great and with the right mods even better.
Can get quite laggy when you have detailed or big cities – this is on any computer doesnt matter if you have i7 or an calculator as your processor it will get laggy.
Can use alot of ram with assets, with the amount i have my game is basicly on 6-8GB Ram each time i play, some modded maps require 16GB ram at minimum due to amount of assets.