Monorail Rollercoaster

MOD Desc
A fully functional rollercoaster, made out of the Mass Transit monorail. Complete with space for two monorail stations.

It’s an intersection, so you’ll find it under Roads > Intersections.
Props in the screenshots are not included; decorate to your own taste!

Mass Transit DLC (For the monorail)
Fine Road Anarchy (enable Anarchy Mode for placement, otherwise you’ll get ‘Slope Too Steep’)

Place the track
Delete the short two-way tracks
Place stations where the two-way tracks were. (Either vanilla or workshop station.)
Connect the lines to the station with a one-way track (Monorails are a bit fiddly, make sure you connect from the track, not the pillar!) Make sure they go in the right direction!
Create a line from one station to the other and back.

That’s it! You now have an animated rollercoaster in Cities Skylines!

If you want Cims to actually use it, keep the second station and its roads only reachable via the rollercoaster, then add buildings on that side. Cims will then use it as public transport.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please let me know!

And of course all comments, likes and favs are much appreciated! I’d love to see the rollercoaster in action in your city!

Another great game that I payed for that I can no longer play without consenting with my information being stolen. Paradox is the latest in a grow number of scum bad companies that I no longer buy products from. How is this allowed? Why are companies allowed to spy on us? Paradox and what ever company they plan on selling our information to doesn’t need to know how old I am or my payment info.

This is the future we choose. Everyday we move closer to cyberpunk shenanigans. Hope you go bankrupt someday, Paradox.

Fun game. About the best city builder on the market near as I can tell. That said, the DLCs are cancerous as they usually tend to be. Day/night cycle, Snow, and natural disasters should not be $15 bucks each to have in the game.

If they came with some huge new features, I’d get it. But a lot of it is patched in for free, so I’m not sure exactly what they expect me to pay for? A snow map? For $15?

I dunno guys. I do love the game, but you need to add more than superficial features to ask $15 USD.

If you are a control freak with a little bit of tweeker, this is the game for you. I have played other city builders but this one seems so much better. It’s been along time since a game kept me up all night. Downloaded it, started a new city, next thing I know the sun is coming up! Good thing I did this on a weekend lol. Anyway, get it! you wont regret it.

Qualifier: I have not played a city building game for a few years. So I have nothing to compare the level of complexity too. However, I still like this game.