Garden Fence (Grey Alt)

MOD Desc
Garden fence prop Grey garden fence mostly seen around various front and back gardens across the UK. This has been frequently used in my UK Terraced Residential / Commercial project. This is a slightly different variation to this one

Where can i find this prop in game? This prop can be found in the asset editor under the park bench section.

Model Info

  • 13 Polys
  • 26 Tris
  • 512 Texture res (diffuse, Normal)
  • Custom LOD (26 tris)

Eight hours in and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. It’s very much inspired by the recent Sim City title (the UI is pretty much pulled directly from Sim City) but it makes some very important improvements. The cities are MUCH larger once your city grows and you can expand to additional squares. The game does a better job following individual citizens around the city. Also, the Steam Workshop support is great. There have already been a lot of neat mods and additional assets created and the game has only been out a few days. Also, the price point is better than Sim City’s at launch, so that always helps too. If you were disappointed by EA/Maxis’ title, check out this one instead. If you haven’t played a city simulator game in a long time, this is the one I’d recommend picking up.

One of the best city building games of all time in my opinion. I’ve gotten more time out of this than Simcity as a whole (in the same span of time) and I still love it. Great workshop compatibility, graphics, and mechanics. Some things could definitely be improved but I feel like the workshop is already on all of that. WAY better than any other equivalent. Also, I can’t believe this game is made in Unity! Doesn’t run that well on larger cities but is still runs better than any other city builder. It actually simulates everthing, the roads are way better, huge maps, resources, much better traffic AI than other games (not to say that you can just draw grids everywhere and not expect traffic, you still have to use a 6-4-2 method). Roads tools are great and fun and aesthatically appealing.