Mega-Tsunami Disaster (Water Spawner)

MOD Desc
Works with the Holiday Surpise Patch 13th December 2018
With no disasters included with Cities Skylines, it has come to my attention that the citizens’ lives are far too easy and risk-free. Therefore I have created this mod which will kill every last one of them (potentially).
Are your city streets gridlocked with traffic? Make a tsunami! Do you have excess amounts of garbage that you can’t afford to clean up? Tsunami! The tsunami mod will solve all your cities problems – guaranteed. Use with caution.

Unlike the tsunami disaster included with the Natural Disasters DLC, this mod allows you to place a tsunami anywhere, make it last as long as you want, and can make it much more devastating.

How to Use Make sure to enable the mod first

Shift and right-click creates water at the mouse cursor location.

Small Wave: Hold Shift and then Right Click once.
Large Wave: Hold Shift and hold Right Click for 2 seconds.
Tsunami: Hold Shift and hold Right Click for several seconds.
Mega-Tsunami: Hold Shift and hold Right Click for several seconds while moving mouse in small circles.

The water ‘plume’ will stay there even after you stop right clicking but should go away eventually. Tsunami water should evaporate or drain away eventually.

*With the recent Natural Disasters update, this mod is now even more realistic and will destroy submerged buildings and push vehicles.

If this mod doesn’t work for you, the key combination is likely conflicting with another mod. Try disabling other mods and see if it works

Disclaimer: THIS CAN POTENTIALLY DESTROY YOUR CITY. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FLOOD YOUR CITY AND THEN OVERWRITE YOUR SAVE FILE. If you have an auto-saver I recommend turning it off when using this mod!

Version 1.04 (26/3/15)

If you have fun with this mod, please consider donating:

So I find it hard to break the habbit of right clicking to detach my roads when building them so everytime I start building roads or rail lines i get a purge of water where i’m building, So awesome but i wish everytime i right click to detach my road guide I don’t get a fountian of water, it’s really hard to break this habbit, this makes me unsub to this mod but i really want to use this epic mod, really need it to not be right click
I don’t really like the idea of having disasters in game as I am one of those players who’s only goal is to design eye candy cities with no regard to actual simulation and gameplay. But I think that the idea of this mod is a brilliant use of game mechanics, and is a great game disaster for those who like it. However, it all looks to clean, a real tsunami or flood would look much worse and much more destructive. This is however no fault of the modder per say, as this is just the normal in game flooding mechanics.
This is a really neat mod, I had fun watching my city slowly get engulfed by the wave, and it looks very realistic. Thought I’d mention something cool I discovered; I combined this mod with the Fire Spread mod and turned off all my fire departments so that my industrial sector would be engulfed in flames, and then spawned a tsunami while it was burning and it immediately put out all the fires once it hit! Absolutely awesome.
After I create a wave over land (usually by accident) a small polluted water source stays behind. Those water puddles usually are a little below ground and seem to have a flow, because sometimes I see it for a moment above ground and then it disappears for a moment. And the game treats it as water too. Building above may complain because of flooding repeatedly for a short time and I can build streets/tracks above it, but only when the water goes underground for a moment, otherwise I get that ‘can’t build on water’-message…And I have tried to terraform or drain it with waterpumps. There is no way for me to get rid of it.