Bicycle Shelter

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Bike Shelter prop to decorate your office or school

Cities: Skylines is the unofficial SimCity sequel we deserve! From the very beginning, the game feels much closer to SimCity 4 than the most recent iteration of SimCity. The game embraces Steam Workshop, and the amount of custom content already is outstanding. I have enjoyed every second thus far with the game and I wanted to share my thoughts on it for those of you on the fence.

-Steam Workshop Integration
-Massive Cities
-Enjoyable Challenge
-Cities Feel Alive
-Hours and Hours of Content
-Great Price for Launch
-Allows for Cities of All Shapes and Sizes

-Traffic Needs Some Balancing
-Lots of Repeated Buildings (Custom Content Helps)
-Trash and Death Can Get Out of Hand Due to Traffic

All in all, I recommend Cities: Skylines to anyone who considers themselves fans of the simulation genre. The game is addictive and provides hours of fun. I am 15 hours in and I only have 50,000 people in my city with so much more land available to grow. The $30 is fair, but there is no excuse not to pick this game up at a sale price!

the best game i have ever seen between city builders
there are various building and tools and so many parameters are considered ( such as citizens health , police , fire station , education availability and much more … )
although each person and vehicle inside your city has specific destination and not being rendered when you scroll to that area , game is optimized ( have tried it on full Graphic to 43k population with GTX950 )
there are different modes , like unlimited money mode , all progress unlocked and also there are community workshop items
there are various ways to run your city , making your people cry , or give them free public transportation .
you can set policies like banning smoking or set limits on water/electricity use …
there are some negative points but aren’t big deal ( almost personal opinions about game play like why people demand on having a garbage collection system nearby then they complain about the pollution and get sick )
the game worth to buy
+ Entertaining
+ Optimized
+ various options
my score to game : 9.5/10