MOD Desc
Not really heavy at 708tri and 512×512 texture.
Nice balance of detail for the game.
Will suit most builds like dark themes and temperate.
Tad over scale just the way we like it

Juniper small HERE

But made with these mods. If you don’t use them tree will look thin due to the way the game engine works

Sharper Textures

Tree LOD fix

Setup a ‘Recreational Use’ drug policy on my residential district. Best. Game. Ever.

In all seriousness though, this game is a great city builder. Better than Sim City 2013 and much better than the last two Cities XL games. There is mod support right away, you can expand your city to be much much larger, the gameplay is fun, it handles well, runs well and its a blast to play. Sure the art design could be better (seems like a cheap sc 2013 style art design), sure I miss the night and day cycle from SC and there are some bugs with drivers ai and some other stuff but overall those pale compared to all the things this game does right. Want to create a big gigantic city? You have come to the right game!

Get your hands on this wonderfully crafted game and you won’t be dissapointed. There is alot of options for customization, I can see hundreds of hours being spent on this game down the road, well done devs! Two big thumbs up from me, as this is the most fun I have had building stuff in a videogame since Simcity 4 and the last Anno game. This is a wonderful base game as is and for the future, I can see mods and expansion packs adding more and more down the road to.

What kind of scumbags update their privacy policy after their game has been out for years, and if you don’t accept their spying you aren’t allowed to play the game you already paid for anymore? On a singleplayer no less. There are no words for practices this terrible, this pathetic, you absolute bastards should be taken to court.

Edit: Paradox is quite possibly the worst publisher on steam. Created their own launcher similar to Uplay (have to use it to access the games youve owned for years?) that comes with spyware which saves everything you do, your system, your location, etc. which they updated their privacy policy to say that they WILL sell this info for $$$. That is one thing. Here’s another: their DLC practices are worse than mother EA. Take a gander at their library. The DLC for any of their games is 15x the cost of the game. Which come extremely barebones because they rip everything out of it to sell as DLC…

Take everything you hate about the gaming industry and what they do to screw their own customers for money and Paradox does it all to the max. A greedy, corporation that deserves to be reviled more than even Ubisoft or EA. Screw these people.

Best City Planning & Management Game.

Planning on a side, is a major element of the game and it always challenges your common-sense and creativity. You need to decide where and how to best direct your inbound and outbound traffic to and from specific areas/districts; industry zone, a landmark or a special building of a DLC. You could save your city so many problems with proper traffic planning.

Managing the city is the second major element. You can choose up to which level of details (simulation) you want to go. If you wish, you can fine-tune your budget expedintures for Electricity service at night, or you can leave your default budget figures intact and focus on designing and planning the city only.

Your city can be a success if you simply planned it and managed it well. However, if you’re a details-oriented person, you’ll discover a different level to enjoy the game as you’ll take care of your city’s aesthitics or creat a sim version of your own real city. You’ll also enjoy Steam Workshop and it’s content. They add huge flexibility to your city building experience and can add a lot to your futuristic city design theme. If you’re a genuine geek 🙂