Import Export Breakdown

MOD Desc
Breaks down import/export information into raw/processed materials.
Changes the colours slightly for import/export buildings so that it’s clearer to see whether they are transferring a raw material or a processed one. I found that it was pretty unhelpful to see a building both importing and exporting the same thing, this makes it easier to see – and easier to improve your city!

Read more about the Supply Chain here:

Features * Industrial Extractor and Industrial Processor buildings coloured differently based on the stage of the product
* Lighter colour = raw, darker colour = processed

Not Implemented (yet!) * Update the legend to show the difference
* Apply to trucks also

My sister told me about this on release day. I hadn’t heard of it, but started to quite a lot soon thereafter. I didn’t research it at all – just bought it, knowing how well liked it was and basically what type of game it was.

I started playing and, lo and behold, I JUST COULDN’T STOP! It’s one of those games, like the Civilization series, in which the hours fly by and you just want to do a little bit more before exiting. And then some more hours disappear. I played 12.7 hours in a single sitting! Later while sleeping I dreamt I was playing it (and woke up feeling like I was having fun the whole night)!

Suffice it to say – this game VERY fun and I should mention it’s not too difficult to learn, but complex enough to keep you from getting bored. I didn’t watch videos to familiarize myself with it, but I did have to look up two questions I had in Google during my marathon. That’s not bad, right? Afterwards, I finally thought I’d click on the icon in the upper left corner, which I had ignored the whole time. That’s when I realized where the resources could be found. Now I’m going to tune up my city and make it greater than ever!

I whole heartedly recommend Cities: Skylines.

‘Wait a second’, you might say, ‘this gal has 750+ hours in Cities:Skylines. Why doesn’t she recommend it? What’s wrong with it?’

Let me get this straight: The *game* is amazing. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to you, because it gave me hours of fun, relaxing and on times challenging gameplay. It did everything SimCity promised but didn’t follow through, and it has a phenomenal community to boost. I own the game and all DLC on PC, I own the game on Switch and I even own the board game. That’s how much I love the game.

But: Paradox (and I’m pretty certain this was Paradox’s idea) had to force another Launcher application on us. A Launcher that (as of writing this review) adds no useful functionality to the game for us gamers. And to make matters worse, their community management resorts to being everything from defensive about it to being outright toxic towards their customer base. They keep telling us it’s beneficial to us and doesn’t spy on us. Network Analysis Tools beg to differ. This launcher connects to not fewer than four servers. They harvest data, without your consent, and they’re intransparent and defensive about it.

At the moment it pains me to say: Don’t buy the game.

I’m terrible at city-building games. JUST TERRIBLE. You know the ‘city advisor’ features in most games of this type? They are ALWAYS unhappy with me. ‘What, are you an idiot?’ they say.

Okay, so I’m not a strategic thinker, so I play city-building games like a painter with a brush, or like Tetris without the disappearing blocks. I think zero moves ahead. I can’t think ahead. I’m terrible at chess, too. I just like to build things and watch them evolve, and then tear them down again.

Why does this matter in a review of Cities: Skylines? It matters because the game lets me play this way and doesn’t penalize me. I can ignore city advisors, or the little twitter feed at the top of the page. I can build a sprawling eco-friendly suburbia or a toxic metropolitan nightmare, and it just lets me do it. Some people bemoan the lack of complex city-building features in this game–and it’s true they’re adding more all the time–but I celebrate that Colossal Order has realized that people like me exist.

The game requires absurdly high specs to run smoothly. One day I hope to upgrade my PC so I can dump sewer water into Shady Acres without an inferiority complex to dampen my malevolent glee.