MOD Desc
H.I.X.3×3.3×3 by Dagga

Cities: Skylines really is the SimCity 5 everyone had been waiting for, probably one of the best city builders I’ve ever played. The base game is a complete experience and once you have experienced most of the base game, you can add more content with dlc/expansions that improve gameplay, especially with the modding community’s contributions. No matter if you’re a casual builder or a hardcore city planner, it suit your play style. I enjoyed every minute I played this game.

The traffic AI is terrible and causes absurd traffic problems. There is no logic to how ambulances and hearses deliver their services. You can have to an ambulance going across town to deal with a patient that is right next to another ambulance.
All citizens die at exactly the same age so you inevitably wind up with huge sectors of your population dying all at once (deathwave). The day-night cycle has no effect on anything including traffic. Kids are still in school in the middle of the night.
But modders have fixed a lot of the above issues that the developer hasn’t tackled for whatever reason. Having this much DLC starts to disincentivize new buyers, because there’s going to be people who won’t want to play the game unless they can own it ‘complete edition’, and that’s looking like over $150 now.