Quad’s Glory

MOD Desc
To all the tallest buildings around the world.

– Unique: Level 6
– 8×8
– Tri: 2473
– LOD Tri: 374
– Description: A futuristic appliance company HQ, Glory. We bring convenience to your door.

– v2: Removed the unlock requirement, Improved textures and floor count.

– Cost: 100000
– Upkeep: 1600/week
– Electricity Usage: 800kw
– Garbage Accumulation: 8
– Water Usage: 20
– Sewage Accumulation: 30
– Workers: 0/36/30/24
– Attractiveness: 15
– Entertainment: 150
– Radius: 500
– Pollution: Noise: Low
– Summary: Has a large radius.

– Despite sometimes having an already-built icon due to a game glitch; this asset still can be selected and built regardless, if a city has not gotten one yet.

– Future / Futuristic / Skyscraper / Blue Light / Furniture / Headquarters / Helipad / Logo

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Before I review any game, I’d play until I understand thoroughly how things work…including Cities Skylines.

The game is a city simulation game (yes, as it said), but it’s not that simple. I’ve played some city simulation games before, but nothing is like this one. Cities Skylines is very complex, but not too complicated to understand. It’s exciting to keep up with what your city requires: houses, shops, factories, electricity, water supply, transportation, education and more! It does take quite a while to understand the game. When you get used to it, that’s when the fun starts. The hardest part of the game is not what and where to build things, but how to maintain the people’s happiness and well-being while the city expands.

– beautiful graphics
– detail-oriented
– incredible gameplay elements
– great and surreal sound effects
– has many map choices with different difficulty
– doesn’t slow your game down when the city expands (another city-sim game I’ve tried does slow the game when the city is large)
– achievements and card drop available.

– No tutorial, so you just need to play and learn from the tip and try to experience by your own. Don’t forget to save your game constantly.

Overall, I’d recommend this game to anyone who love city simulation game. It’s worth even the full price!

I bought this game on Xbox with all the DLC and loved it so much that as soon as I upgraded my PC to something more modern, I bought this game for PC and almost all the DLC. So I used to be a wholehearted supporter of the people who made this game. But recently (5 years after the game was released) they forced a new launcher on us and said we have to agree to having our data collected and sold to companies not associated with this game at all (like facebook and google to name a couple). If we don’t agree to the new EULA we can’t play the game which we already paid for. There is no option to opt-out, no option to roll back to a previous version of the game before the launcher was added, and no consideration for the legality of forcefully installing software onto my computer that collects data and sends it somewhere else. And when a lot of people complained, the public face for the company, Azure, lied and said it was only about 40 people posting over and over and most people were happy with it. Looking at the recent reviews on the store page says that’s not true. And there is also a suspicious rise in the number of positive reviews to counter the hundreds of negative reviews they are getting. So Paradox and Colossal Order are engaging in some highly shady business practices that I want no part in. I recommend nobody to buy any products from them in the future.

Overall, the game is pretty solid. The simulation, the tools and the gameplay is all just so fluid. Everything runs extremely well and cities feel legitimate and alive.

The game does have some flaws here and there, yet it’s still a very simple and straight to the point city builder with no bull attached. (DLC, DRM) It does takes quite a bit aspects from SimCity 2013 though (honestly a scary amount) but thankfully leaves all of the bad ones out.

With regards to how it compares to SimCity 4 though, I’d say SC4 is still superior but just barely. Cities: Skylines offers a more simpler and easier yet less balanced economic system than SC4 did, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. SC4 also had better information screens, the ability to modify landscape in-game, and doesn’t have this questionable building unlocking progression. Also, I need to mention the lack of ‘God’ controls and commands such as disasters that SimCity 4 did have.

But thankfully, the game has just been released and the dev team will continue to make updates for months maybe years to come and the modding community for this game is already phenomenal.

Graphics: 8.5/10

Audio: 8.5/10

Gameplay/Replay-ability: 9.25/10

Interface: 8.75

Traffic/Simulation: 9.25/10

Mod Support: 9.5/10

Overall, I give this game a 9/10.