Campus Dorm

MOD Desc
Campus Dorm by Dex4

4 x 2 Ploppable Education Building

Capacity : 500 University Students (It is a university basically)

I made it to have matching building for the old university so i could make my campus area awesome.

50 students version:

Cities: Skylines is currently the best city building simulator. It sure isn’t difficult but extremely fun. The game has so much content to offer so just let your imagination do the rest and build your own dream city. Besides, if you want to add even more variety you’re always free to download mods and assets from the steam workshop. Things like unique buildings, props, vehicles and other additions will enhance your gaming experience by a huge amount. In my opinion, I’d say that the game isn’t perfect but you can make it near-perfect by using different mods to fill the gaps. For example, the traffic management is so tricky and poor that sometimes you feel like playing traffic simulator but with the help of mods you can solve this problem much easier.

The maps are enormous and can be increased in size even more via mods. It may take dozens or more hours to finish the city, especially, if you’re making it look pretty and pay attention to small details and not just the population. Speaking of details, the game looks polished in high-up view and even while you’re zoomed in all the way (or using first person camera mod).

I’ve been nagging about mods the whole review, meaning, that the incorporation of workshop was the best approach to make this game by far the best city building simulator that you can currently get. But beware, having a lot of mods result in huge FPS drop!