Andrew’s 1×1 Swing Park

MOD Desc
Be nice to your citizens and plop down this small 1×1 swing park to increase happiness around your city!

This small park attracts many Low and Medium wealth citizens as well as some High wealth.

Truly great; What SimCity should have been.

While in essence it’s a similar game, it is far superior for many reasons, such as the fact it’s a city building game, not a village building game. While at first you only have 1 area to build in (still far lager than SC5’s) as you get more residents you will gain an option to buy one or two more tiles, then when you reach another population milestone you can purchase more etc.

While we’re on the topic of purchasing, there are no microtransactions (after all, the game wasn’t made by EA) and FULL MODDING SUPPORT, allowing those amazing modders to spread their wings rather than punishing them for being creative like SC5 by closing off the game.

There is no multiplayer, but it’s not exactly a core feature of a city builder after all. I wouldn’t be suprised if a large percentage of SC5 players played on private worlds anyway.

Zoning, finances, services etc all seem to work almost identically to SC5 (but better obviously) which isn’t at all a bad thing, as it’s familiar to all yet still bringing greater detail to the table.

For public transport you have to manually assign routes which effectively means your roads are now no longer going to be clogged up with busses because of some dumbass AI that decided to send everything that way. Assuming you did it right, of course. If you’ve ever played Cities In Motion it will be familiar, which seems logical seeing as the same devs made it.

It’s not the hardest of city builders but it’s got quite some depth. It lacks disasters, which can only be a good thing even if they were disable-able, because I feel that how your city does and whether you fail or not should depend on YOUR actions, not random luck. This is a stratergy game, after all.

I must confess I originally pirated this game to see if it was worth the purchase as I already own SC5, however their anti-piracy tactic of making pirates WANT to buy the game rather than trying to FORCE them to via DRM (which would be circumvented eventually anyway) persuaded me to buy it within a day or two, especially due to the SW mod support in the steam version. So if the devs ever read this, they will know that giving the buyers a better experience is the best anti piracy tactic and intrusive DRM is stupid.

This game is better than simcity in pretty much every way, has amazing mods on steam workshop and is definately worth your money and time.

Great game! Was a little bit of a learning curve coming from Sim City but I got it down now. Anyway, I think the game is near perfect but I’m sure that’s debatable. My main issue is the service vehicles path finding. I really think this needs to be patched. I’ve tested this in vanilla and with mods (TMPE) with the same results both times. The main issue is that the service vehicles (trash, police, fire, hearses, hospital) seem to go wherever they please. They will even pass buildings that need their help that are right next to them to drive all the way across town to respond to another issue! I see the issue happening once you have around 30k population with multiple pieces of land unlocked. Like as I type this review, I’m following a police car that belongs to the department up North, yet it’s patrolling all the way down south at the very beginning of my city. It should stay in it’s zone which I was always under the assumption that it was the green circle when you drop a service showing coverage. I would be really appreciated if this got fixed soon.

Here’s some ideas:

-Service vehicles should stay in there zone shown by the green circle when spawned

-Make the zones a bit bigger for more coverage rather than have us plop 3 of the same service buildings for a smaller zone

-Create checks for the AI: If zone 1 = all vehicles busy then Zone 2 (nearby) respond and so on and so forth.

-Path finding for the service vehicles should be updated to take the fastest route rather than taking the shortest or vice versa

-When nearing their final destination make it a priority that they get in the right lane so they can quickly pull in and fix the issue and leave

I just find it odd that I have over 50 Police cars, 80 trash trucks, 100 ambulances, and more hearses that I want to count and still have huge spikes of their respecting issues. My city currently goes between 85 and 90% (vanilla, mods about 94%) traffic flow with major road and public transportation networks. Yes, I have schools and no, none of my residential is built on polluted land and no policies are in act that would create a stir up. I get that my city is big (nearing 120k) but the response time of the service vehicles seem sluggish or just non existent. I know I’m not the only one with this issue due to the numerous amounts of threads if you google service vehicle behavior in this game. I really hope one of you devs read this and thank you in advance!

I get a kick out of people who dislike this game, and yet have sixty to a hundred hours of game play. Obviously they are employees of Maxis.
Two years ago I was amused by this game and really enjoyed it. Having now played with Mass Transit, I am amazed by what I see the cims do. This game really works!! You just have to plan.
People complain about traffic in this game. Well, I live in California and notice while I am driving around Angels Camp, and other foothill communities there is not much traffic!, but when I drive in San Francisco or L.A. there is an overwhelming amount of traffic. 1+1 = Pretty much goes with the population.
I decided to go with just low residential on my map and I first began with bus routes through those communities dropping them off at schools, commercial districts and clean industry areas. I noticed they RODE the busses and I made good money!
Next I did trams on the out skirts and inner areas of those residential areas and noticed they rode the trams!
I LOVE monorails! I always have. When I finally was able to use monorails, I decided to make a tourist area and then I plopped down the harbor for passengers. It works in this game. The tourists came. I brought the monorail to them, having HUGE bus lines from the city in the central hub. They use it! My busses are organized and no traffic!
I got the airport. Obviously, I brought the monorail to it. I have seven monorail lines around my city! I have nearly 50 bus lines. I MAKE my tourists use the trams, because when they get off the monorails, it’s too LONG to walk to the tourist area, so they go to the center of the road and get on the trams, which go to different tourist areas!!
This game is FUN! Thankfully I watched a video and he reccommended ALWAYS use four lane roads, because they are easily upgradeable! Best advice I could share also.
Mass Transit! It’s what it promises! My monorails are FULL! They WAIT in line for the Trams! And they wait in line for the busses when they get off in the MAIN Monorail HUB, which has four lines servicing it!! I tinker with the monorails, trams and busses. EASY to see if a line needs more! Some lines are PACKED! I decided to put in the Space Elevator! OMG! LOL. I had to put in 3 more monorails on that line to take the passengers and four more trams!

LOVE the game! Thanks so much for your efforts! I appreciate them and see what you have made. Fun!