Sailboat [Floating]

MOD Desc
This is a decorative sailboat that can be placed on water just like CGVos’s Small Boat and the boats in BloodyPenguin’s Boats Pack .

The sailboat has 4 color variations: red, green, blue and yellow.
It is found under the Landscaping / Water Structures menu in-game. (I.e. the same category as quays).

The Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance mod is recommended for props such as this boat to prevent them from disappearing when zooming out.

Model info

  • Main model:
    Tris: 1353
    Textures: 512×512 (d,s,c)
  • LOD:
    Tris: 76
    Textures: 64×64 (d,s,c)

Note: The Photoreal Colour Correction LUT and the Daylight Classic mod was used when taking the screenshots for this asset.

I love finding random people and following them around, then when they me off I can destroy their lives. That’s right Joe Harrison, I bulldozed your house because your car was in the way.