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DB Horrem

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Level 3 Commercial building based on Horrem station [en.wikipedia.org]. The building has no decorations or props, and all the props in the images were added in the game.
The station includes transparent windows on the bottom floor, and full windows on the top floor. All windows light up at night. Any other illumination has to be added by hand.


Acknowledgements Thank you to Armesto , and Rev0 for modeling help.

A great city building game, with tunnels and elevated roads of different heights, European townhouses, metros, trams, neighborhoods, tons of addons, what more do you want? Don’t answer that question…

Still the only city builder you need. Either this game simly crushed any competition by being brilliant at what it sent out to do, or the market for city builders is too small. I think it’s the former.

It’s the Sim City we never got from EA. Plus Mods.

Only problem I bring up is the traffic engine is a bit on the crazy side. Not ‘conga like of firetrucks’ crazy, just a small bit infuriating.