Mekarski Historical Funiculars

MOD Desc
Omellete du fromage.
This is a hypothetical adaptation of Mekarski trams as inclined, historical funiculars for the game. Asset is actually made as a part of historic funicular network of Montmartre Funicular, located in Paris.

The idea was to provide a generic, historical funicular to people who’ve been asking quite some time now.

It has TWO funiculars in the set. Read the rest of the description.

Guide to make funicular networks:

Technical Details

  • Second funicular of Cities Skylines
  • Maximum operation speed: 20kmh
  • 1024 textures
  • Fully mapped
  • 30 passenger capacity (real life value)
  • Custom LOD

Operational Notes and Compatibility

1. Package contains 2 funiculars that are inclined and mirrored. Since game spawns vehichles with random directions; assign positive and negative inclined vehicles on the same lane by using IPT2 (Improved Public Transport). Then, see which one is looking wrong and remove that variant from the line.

2. Use AVO (Advanced Vehicle Editor) to disable funiculars from spawning regional lines. So they wont be used by the game for outside network.

3. Vehicles are compatible with all existing funicular networks and stations. Standard funicular tracks allows to use multiple funiculars on the same network.

Mékarski, who is the original modeler of single decker tram
Alex, who recreated the model after 100 years,
Geze, who made it into double decker tram version,
REV0, for modifying double decker tram into single decker inclined funicular.

Keywords for Workshop research: Funicular, train, ABT, cog railway, narrow gauge, mekarski, paris, historical

I built a dump in the middle of my town and everyone living nearby got sick, clogging up the surrounding areas with nothing but ambulances.

EA could never make anything like this.


Great city building and management game. Much better then Simcity (2013). I wouldn’t recommend it without the two expansions, After Dark and Snowfall, which add much needed content and traffic management.

I can not recomend this game enough. This is the game we city builder fans have been waiting for, a true successor to Simcity 4. Throw in mod support, and this game is going to be around for a long time.