St. Mary’s Church

MOD Desc
A church from Dublin was the reference.

Model comes with standard props. Street alignment is on parking lot side. Looks best placed on a corner street. Categorized under unique buildings, as option to the observatory.

Verly Low Poly Model. Selfmade textures. Special specular map for church windows. Really realistic…

Size: 6 x 5

Construction Cost: 30.000
Maintenance Cost: 500

Monument Level: 2
Tourists on every Level: 75

Attractiveness Accumulation: 50
Entertainment Accumulation: 70
Entertainment Radius: 250
Noise Accumulation: 0
Noise Radius: 0

Have Fun

Well where do I begin its such a great game played it nonstop since it came out if you liked simcity you will love this game its just great its so detailed, But it gets better the devs allowed full workshop integration so you can have endless fun with mods and addons like I do. 10/10