Union Pacific EMD E6 City of Los Angeles

A friendly review for City Skylines in 2020. For a city building game, City Skylines has really outlived all of its opponents. And there are certain reasons for that:– The core game is robust and precise, allowing you to actively create, explore and adjust your sandbox simulation to all the possibilities you can think of. […]

The Vista at Paradise Valley

– Modding from day one– Every citizen simulated– Agent system works on launch– No EXTERNAL DRM (You know, except for Steam)– No always online– No forced multiplayer aspect– Not published by EA– Published by Paradox– Better than SimCity– Half the price then SimCity when you compare them at launch price– Actually fun See EA? This […]

Nightlights updated! NY Cornerbuilding01 Level 2

The city builder everyone has been waiting for since SC4 is here. Thank goodness. The original SimCity wasn’t called a game by Will Wright, it’s designer. It was called a software toy. That’s because there was no winning or losing beyond some pretty basic functions (like not losing money) but was a matter of how […]

Quad’s Glory

Before I review any game, I’d play until I understand thoroughly how things work…including Cities Skylines. The game is a city simulation game (yes, as it said), but it’s not that simple. I’ve played some city simulation games before, but nothing is like this one. Cities Skylines is very complex, but not too complicated to […]

512-514 Broadway

Pre-ordered, downloaded, played for4 hours solid and only stopped because I had to eat. Kicks the snot out of Sim City. Get it. I’d write a longer review, but I want to go back to playing this more. They should add multiplayer so freinds can work on one city at the same time and share […]

Gethsemane Episcopal Church

[Cities: Skylines] ❤ Audience : ☐ Kids☑ Everyone☐ Casual players☐ Pro players ☼ Graphics : ☐ Potato☐ Really bad☐ Bad☐ OK☐ Good ☑ Beautiful (They are awesome! The fact that you can zoom in on your city and see small people and cars going around is just awesome to me)☐ Masterpiece € Price / quality […]

Slovnaft Arena

If you’re beyond the times when you used to have a potato PC, this is easily one of best if not the best in its genre and something you should definitely try.If you’re still living these times, you may want to consider something else.. Preferably spider solitaire.

(Leisure) Nespresso boutique

For 2 weeks I debated purchasing Cities: Skylines (I’m sure I annoyed most of my friends by weighing the pros and cons with them!) Eventually I said, ‘screw it’ and made the purchase: I have not regretted it since. In a nut shell, Cities: Skylines is your basic city simulator. You start off with a […]

St. Mary’s Church

Well where do I begin its such a great game played it nonstop since it came out if you liked simcity you will love this game its just great its so detailed, But it gets better the devs allowed full workshop integration so you can have endless fun with mods and addons like I do. […]