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Super fun, relaxing. Successor to Sim City. Is what Sim City can longer be sadly. I love this series and am starting to get back into it again. It is a great way to have fun with your family. I have a wife and two daughters, 6 and 3. This game is a hit with […]

Potted Fern

What the ? ‘8. WHO DO WE SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH?To be able to provide you with the Services and the best possible experience, we will share your data with other companies and organisations. We will only do so if our partners can provide the same level of security to keep your data safe as […]

Solaris Urbino 12 BVG

I absolutely LOVE this game. I’m an old SimCity player who killed hundreds of hours back in the day playing SC before it was ruined by EA. Cities: Skylines is the game I’ve been waiting for for a decade! It’s been a joy learning to play it, developing my city building strategies, and building MY […]

Skibitth Prop

Great game until the last update brought some glaring lack to the surface. With their overall of the metro system, many assets and mods are now broken. Updates such as those are fine and expected in the modding community. However, Paradox’s lack of support means that users have to troubleshoot THEMSELVES their 100s of mods […]

Hedge Hornbeam Prop Pack

405 hours in this game. All cities saved to the steam cloud, now this new launcher comes along. All my cities are gone except the few i saved in the early days before i synced to cloud. Thanks a lot, lost cities i had been working on for over a year or more. you paradox. […]

DB Horrem

A great city building game, with tunnels and elevated roads of different heights, European townhouses, metros, trams, neighborhoods, tons of addons, what more do you want? Don’t answer that question… Still the only city builder you need. Either this game simly crushed any competition by being brilliant at what it sent out to do, or […]


Setup a ‘Recreational Use’ drug policy on my residential district. Best. Game. Ever. In all seriousness though, this game is a great city builder. Better than Sim City 2013 and much better than the last two Cities XL games. There is mod support right away, you can expand your city to be much much larger, […]

Bicycle Shelter

Cities: Skylines is the unofficial SimCity sequel we deserve! From the very beginning, the game feels much closer to SimCity 4 than the most recent iteration of SimCity. The game embraces Steam Workshop, and the amount of custom content already is outstanding. I have enjoyed every second thus far with the game and I wanted […]

The Keralis Kitchen

If you were a fan of the old roller coaster tycoon and sim city games, prepare to get those on steroids. 99% of this game is customizable and everything has an affect on everything else. Hours flyby like minutes.

Campus Dorm

Cities: Skylines is currently the best city building simulator. It sure isn’t difficult but extremely fun. The game has so much content to offer so just let your imagination do the rest and build your own dream city. Besides, if you want to add even more variety you’re always free to download mods and assets […]